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The watchtower: simple, and deadly to scouts and infantry.


The Watchtower is the basic defense that should be put up as soon as possible. Though the Watchtower has a low amount of health, it can destroy or wound most basic units such as; Scouts, Infantry, and can even be effective againts APCs. Although the Watchtower does not cost that much it should be replaced by the more effective Log Bunker once your buildings are being finished and you begin to get attacked by the enemy Crimson Empire more often.But sometimes you might have to place some despite Crimson Rocketeers sometimes get near these. And even though the watchtower has low health it can be used as a secondary defense if you dont have 2000+ cash to buy better defenses.


The Watchtower has:

-2 Health

The Watchtower can cuase:

-1 Damage

The Watchtower has a range of:

-1 Square Tile

This tower is crucial to your basic defense. Though cheaper than the other defensive structures, it won't last as long during an attack and isn't as effective as a Log Bunker but can be repaired for a small amount of your supplies.


The Watchtower costs $500 in-game cash.