Vulture Edit

The Vulture unit is one of the newer aerial units to be included in the game. Along with the Assault Chopper of Research Facility, this makes it the current availability of two usable attack helicopters in-game. However, the Vulture can be brought for 109 Army Golds as opposed to the constraints imposed on the Assault Chopper. The stats of the Vulture unit is better than that of the Assault Chopper. However, if used in Versus Mode, the weakness of this unit is that it can only go for distances shorter than the Assault Chopper.

Stats Edit

Health: 18

Damage: 4

Range: 2


The benefits are this unit are it has a high health and do a reasonable damage to enemies. Its range radius is useful for attacking enemies from afar as well. And like other aerial units, it can go pass ledges or mountains with ease. 


Unfortunately, the move radius of the Vulture is rather medium, the same stat applied to the Overkill unit. This can hinder the gameplay progress if players decide to move it to a far place.

Upgrade Edit

Cost: 59 Army Golds

Materials: 5 Black Box, 5 Pilot Helmet, 5 Wiring

Result of upgrade:

Health: 20

Damage: 7

Range: 2

Gallery Edit

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