The picture above shows an example of versus mode.

Versus Mode is a seperate game apart from the main single-player campaign, where you go head-to-head against another player's team of four units.

Basics of Versus ModeEdit

Versus mode is, in some ways, much different than the normal single-player campaign. Instead of training different units, you can pick four of the units you currently own in the single player campaign to use in the simulation, which is versus mode. To play versus mode, you must have atleast 5 energy and an amount of supplies, depending on what units you decide to bring to versus mode. The better the units you bring, the more supplies they cost. Instead of taking energy per move you get 3 movements once your turn starts. Movements do not carry to other turns.

Supply AmountsEdit

Diffrent units require different amounts of supply. Some people attempt to do versus mode while spending minimum supplies by only sending infantry. This usually does not work, as opponents usually have much better units than only infantry. A list is shown here:

  • Elite Eliminator: 250 Supplies Each
  • Assault Chopper/Mobile Tesla/Neutron Gun: 250 Supplies Each
  • Elite Juggernaut: 210 Supplies Each
  • Elite Landkreuzer: 190 Supplies Each
  • Elite Rocketeer/Black Fox/Commando: 180 Supplies Each
  • Battle Tank/Elite Tank: 130 Supplies Each
  • Elite Sniper/Elite Rocket Battery/Rocket Battery: 110 Supplies Each
  • APC: 100 Supply Each
  • Artillery: 70 Supply Each
  • Special Forces/Infantry: 20 Supplies Each

Item DropsEdit

Throughout versus mode you will encounter many different items. Some are shown in the picture. Items are basically techniques in boxes that you collect once one of your units rolls over them. A list of most of them is below:

  • Air Strike I: Hits 1 random enemy unit for 2 damage
  • Air Strike II: Hits 1 random enemy unit for 3 damage
  • Air Strike III: Hits 1 random enemy unit for 4 damage
  • Orbital Laser: Hits 1 random enemy unit for 12 damage
  • Paratrooper I: Have an Infantry unit parachute onto a random spot on the map.
  • Paratrooper II: Have a Special Forces unit parachute onto a random spot on the map.
  • Paratrooper III: Have a Commando unit parachute onto a random spot on the map.
  • Energy: Recieve two extra actions for that turn.
  • Freeze: Freezes 1 random enemy unit for 2 turns.
  • Doomsday: Nukes 1 random enemy unit, dealing 6 damage on a 3 x 3 blast radius.
  • Mystery Crate: Random Item
  • Super Mystery Crate: Radom chance of: Paratrooper III, Doomsday, Orbital Laser
  • Health Pack: Restores the unit to full health


The versus mode itself has a collection of its own. To get versus collection items, you need to destory enemy units in versus mode. The items are:

When combined, the collection gives you a +2 Damage Booster that can help greatly in versus mode, depending on how you use it.


There are many rewards you can achieve throughout versus mode. For example, after a vesus fight you can get a certain amount of cash and a certain amount of prestige exp. The cash reward is usually around 1000-3000 cash.

Some possible extra rewards are below:

  1. 20 Wins: Pack of 5 Army Gold
  2. 60 Wins: 2x Health Booster +15
  3. 100 Wins: 100 Enemy Intel

Daily MissionEdit

An objective is put up for players every day, giving them certain rewards. Objectives can be generic like in the tournaments, or very specific, such as destroying a rare unit type or collecting a rare item drop.

Weekly TournamentsEdit

There are also weekly tournaments that occur in versus mode. At the end of the week, the winner is decided and may win a prize, depending on if they met the minimum requirements.

Each tournament has three tiers of "Guaranteed rewards if the following targets are met". Players instantly receive the rewards if they meet a minimum requirement, usually wins or prestige points. Multiple players can receive the rewards and they do not impede one another's pursuit of that reward.

The first place prize can only be one by a single person in a group of friends. A player can only receive this reward if they have more points in the desired objective than all their friends do.

The first place prize always has a minimum objective, which is usually identical to the first tier of three prizes that can be won.


12/18 - 12/25Edit

1st place


  1. 2,500 Prestige Exp.: 3,000 Supplies in packs
  2. 8,000 Prestige Exp.: Special Forces
  3. 19,000 Prestige Exp.: Elite Rocket Battery


1st place


  1. 20 Wins: 2x Health Booster +10
  2. 60 Wins: Pack of 50 Army Gold
  3. 100 Wins: 100 Ally Reports


June 4-10Edit


June 11-17Edit

Race for Prestige: first place:


  1. 2,500XP: Commando
  2. 8,000XP: 6000 supplies
  3. 25,0000 XP: Elite Juggernaut

June 17-25Edit

Race for Wins: 1st place receives:


  1. 20 wins: 2 x Range Booster +2
  2. 60 wins: 40 Ally Reports
  3. 100 wins: Elite Tank

July 22-30

Race for Prestige: first place:


  1. 2500XP: 2x Damage Booster +2
  2. 8000XP: Rocket Battery
  3. 13000XP: Enemy Intel


October 5-November 2

Race for Prestige : 1st reward

  • 60.000 Supplies in pack (2500 XP minimum)


  1. 2500XP: Battle Tank
  2. 8000XP: ???
  3. 25000XP: Elite Eliminator


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