I've played dozens of these but one was very interesting. I had a commando with 4 life, against an enemy artillery with full (also 4) life. I had stationed the commando and used him to defeat all forces as they came out seeking a doomsday weapon, which I did not go to get myself since Mortars were blocking it.

So what happened was, I had to get in range to attack him. I could have kept my distance and let him come to me, possibly limiting him to 2, 1 or even 0 hits rather than his full 3.

But if I could destroy him in 2 hits and he's the last guy, I thought I'd let him hit me 3 times so I could destroy him with 1 life.

So anyway, I move into range on my last turn, and there happens to be a mystery box beside the artillery. So I get it. It's just a normal

It turned out to be a paratrooper, and guess where he landed? YUP: the doomsday nuke.

So, lucky Commando, happened to be next to the only remaining enemy unit on the field, so he was destroy along with it and I heard the Arnold voice.

Prior to getting the mystery box, my commando was not my only unit, I had some others at the edge of the map and stuff. So I don't have an answer to some queries:

  1. If I hadn't summoned a paratrooper and just stepped on a nuke and destroyed myself and the artillery simultaneously, who would have won?
  2. Assuming the above answer would be a loss/tie, If I didn't have other units, would the paratrooper be detected? You'd think it would be, since it has to be summoned and land on the nuke prior to the nuke happening. But when I did it, I actually saw the nuke happen before the paratrooper touched down, so I have no clue. Maybe the animations ran simultaneously? I really think there shuold be a delay and that they should play in sequence. It doesn't make sense to start the nuke until the guy touched down, IMO.
  3. If it had been the enemy touching a nuke while their last unit beind next to my last unit, would they get the victory, or could there plausibly be a tie?
  4. If an enemy artillery (4 life) had touched one of my strong units (say a tank, with 15 life) wouldn't it be hilarious if the enemy defeated himself this way? +Yc 07:18, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

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