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    Best VS ever

    June 20, 2012 by Tycio

    I've played dozens of these but one was very interesting. I had a commando with 4 life, against an enemy artillery with full (also 4) life. I had stationed the commando and used him to defeat all forces as they came out seeking a doomsday weapon, which I did not go to get myself since Mortars were blocking it.

    So what happened was, I had to get in range to attack him. I could have kept my distance and let him come to me, possibly limiting him to 2, 1 or even 0 hits rather than his full 3.

    But if I could destroy him in 2 hits and he's the last guy, I thought I'd let him hit me 3 times so I could destroy him with 1 life.

    So anyway, I move into range on my last turn, and there happens to be a mystery box beside the artillery. So I get it. It's j…

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