• Alongi227

    After nearly two weeks trying to improve the wiki, I noticed that my created pages are kinda not read-friendly to everyone seeing it. By tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I would try to improve my pages to be neat and arranged. I would also like to ask everyone to add credential sources to the pages so it can be a trustworthy page(s).

    Alongi227 (talk) 14:51, October 7, 2015 (UTC)_Alo_

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  • Alongi227

    Hello, everyone.

    October 2, 2015 by Alongi227

    As stated in the title, I came to say hello.  Long story short, I have joined this wiki a week earlier as I want to improve or at least help the wiki to become a bit more complete. However, since I'm a newbie in editting articles and stuffs, I could get kinda blank in what to do with certain stuffs. If anyone can help me out, I'll be in a range as I will be adding some pictures and articles to complete the wiki database.


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