Units are mobile attacking infantry, artillery or armour.

List Of UnitsEdit

List of Basic Units: Basic units can be obtained normally, they can be bought with In-Game Cash.

Infantry - Basic Combat Unit

APC - Fast Armored Vehicle

Artillery - A large gun battery

Battle Tank - Main battle tank

Commando - Special Infantry Unit

Rocket Battery - Mobile Rocket Battery

List of Elite Units: Elite Units, usually only obtainable by using Gold, a Currency which is bought with real money.

There are some Elite Units that are better versions of basic ones (Elite Infantry, Elite Rocket Battery, Etc.), and

some that can only be obtained with Gold. (Elite Sniper, Etc.)

Elite Infantry - Elite Combat Unit

Elite Battle Tank - Stronger Battle Tank

Elite Rocket Battery - Heavy Mobile Rocket Battery

Elite Eliminator - Super Soldier

Elite Juggernaught - Super Battle Tank

Elite Sniper - Limited Editon long ranged Sniper Soldier

Armoured Infantry - Super Infantry

Hover Tank - 

Scout Buggy - 

Tactical Droid - Elite