Rank-progressThere are 16 ranks:

Rank Spaces needed Medal type and amount
Recruit N/A N/A
Private 50 spaces 1 Bronze Cross
Private first class 80 spaces? 1 Bronze Cross
Corporal 100 spaces? 2 Bronze Crosses
Sergeant 140 spaces 3 Bronze Crosses
Sergeant major 190 spaces 4 Bronze Crosses
Cadet 260 spaces 1 Silver Cross
Second lieutenant 300 spaces 3 Silver Crosses
Lieutenant 340 spaces? 5 Silver Crosses
Captain 400 spaces 7 Silver Crosses
Major 500 spaces 9 Silver Crosses
Lieutenant colonel 600 spaces 1 Medal of Valor
Colonel 700 spaces 3 Medals of Valor
Brigadier 800 spaces 5 Medals of Valor
General 900 spaces 7 Medals of Valor
Marshal 1000 spaces 9 Medals of Valor

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