The Commander (player) is the head of Homelands Armed Forces, sharing resources with General Bragg and under the command of its Madam President.

First Seen Edit

The Commander is first seen when General Bragg is debriefing them on the beach of Homeland. When Crimson forces move in, the Commander uses quick thinking to remove the threats and begins liberating several towns and cities until reaching Metropol C.D.

Full-Scale War Edit

When the liberation of Homelands capital takes place, where the Commander's forces meet Viceroy Vile's head on, Mrs.President uses her power as Commander in Chief to declare Homeland with take its nation back, and puts the Commander in charge of the operation with help from General Bragg and several other soldiers and agents.

This is where the Blue-Crimson War leaves a one-sided position and becomes a conflict between superpowers.

Northern Campaign Edit

The Commander pushes Crimson forces all the way back to the Northern Midland when word reaches Mrs.President that the island of Libery was unable to repel the invasion of the Crimson Empire unlike Homeland and lost its independence. The Commander takes an army of decent size to free Libery, leaving Homeland temporarily and lets its defenses use the distraction to rebuild and repair.

Operation: Desert Scorpion Edit

The Commander leads an assault off the beachhead of Libery's coast and forces several key outpost to fall, liberating cities consumed by the Empire along the way. After several events take place, including disabling a superweapon and aiding cells repel the Crimson, Viceroy orders an evacuation of the island, only leaving some soldiers behind in hopes of taking it back from Homeland.

Libery becomes a free island once more, and joins Homeland in its efforts to take down Viceroy and his grunts. Due to constant paratrooper raids, the Commander leaves a battalion behind to guard and protect its citizens. The fight picks back up on Homeland.

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