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The super strong Super Tank!

Note: Not available on facebook version.


The Super Tank is by far the best tank. It has the ability to destroy most units & buildings with one shot, and has almost sniper-like range. This tank is just about the definition of overkill.


Are you having an issue with some enemies? Send this monster after them! They'll have nowhere to run, and this puppy will shred any hiding places they'd jump in. This tank will fulfill all your attacking needs. Just have your other units occupy the territory that it takes so you don't have to bring it back in case of paratroopers.


If any enemies dare attacking you, just have your Super Tank annihilate their forces, then go on the offensive (read "Offense" section above).


Health: 40

Damage: 24

Movement range: 5

Attack range 3

Costs: 560 gold


  • Most of the tank resembles the very first tank to be used in combat: the British Mark IV tank .
  • The only differences are that the Mark IV does not have a cannon on a turret (it is mounted on the front), and the shape of the treads varies slightly.

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