Statistics are used to tell features of each of the units.

Statistic Meaning
Cost How much a unit costs in the shop.
Selling Price How much you can sell a unit for.
Health How much hit points a unit can take before it is defeated.
Attack How much damage a unit can do when attacking the enemy.
Range How far a unit can attack the enemy (artillery units can attack farther than most other units)1.
Move Radius The max number of tiles you can go with this unit in one move.
Type The type of the unit. (Infantry, Armor, Artillery)
SpH Abbreviated from Supplies per Health. The number of supplies which you need to heal one health point.
SpMH Abbreviated from Supplies per Max Health. The number of supplies which you need to heal all health points a unit have (when the unit is defeated).

1The Elite Sniper and the Elite Juggernaut are not artillery units, but can fire enemies at a distance.

Enemy Unit StatisticsEdit

Statistic Meaning
Spoils of War Rewards you get when destroying enemy units, eg. cash, construction items and collection pieces.



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