Special Forces
Icon units premium infantry
Special Force operators
Type Infantry
Cost 29 Army Gold1
Selling price $150
Health 5
Attack 2
Range 1
Move radius 5[1]
SpH 50[1]
SpMH 250[1]
Special Elite (Can't be fully destroyed)
1Can also be obtained by inviting two new allies in the free units tab

The Special Forces is the cheapest elite unit. The stronger version of the Infantry, they are highly-trained to perform unconventional, often high-risk missions and excel in tasks given by their commanders.



Unit premium infantry 07

Unlike the Infantry, a Special Forces squad consists of four members and wear golden berets instead of blue helmets. Like other elite units, they have the signature color combination of blue and gold trimmings.


Like the Infantry, they are equipped with M16 rifles with a minor difference being the brown stock.

Defensive UsesEdit

The Special Forces can assist a Tower or another unit that is under attack and finish the attacker off or inflict heavy damage on the enemy unit. But if it comes in contact with a enemy with high health and damage (e.g. Enemy Battle Tank or Stormtrooper), the Special Forces will not stand a high chance of defeating them.

Offensive UsesEdit

With 1 damage more than a Infantry, they can deal more damage against enemy units such as APCs.They are also used to flank the enemy or assist other units in attacking a high health enemy such as a Bunker or Secret Police HQ.


Paratroopers can drop behind defense lines with an Enemy Drop Zone,Special Forces can be used to get close to the Enemy Drop Zone and attack incoming paratroopers.This also can help in defending Drop Zones or Cities,while more powerful units such as the Main Battle Tank or Commando can  keep fighting without moving back to defend.


It is useful at the beginning of the game for eliminating Minefields, Fuel Dumps, Scouts and Infantries (even though you have an APC, both of them are useful)


Even though it deals 2 Damage, this unit is still weak as it's health is low. When attacking enemy units with high health, the Special Forces won't stand a chance against them, so it is wise to use other units which have more health to defeat them.


Cost:29 Army Gold or 2 Facebook-Invited Friends (Free Units Tab)

Health: 5

Attack: 2

range: 1

Move Radius: 5

Type: Infantry


Cost: 9 army gold

Materials: 5 cement, 5 wiring, 5 commando knife

Health: 8

Damage:  3

Range: 1


  • Special Forces, like normal infantry, use M-16's.
  • They appear to be based on the Green Berets, or another existing, elite military force.
  • When they are downed, they look almost exactly like normal infantry's downed model.




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