Resources are very important in Army Attack since you cannot proceed in the game without sufficient resources. You start with 7,000 Cash, 30 Energy and 400 Supplies.

Army Attack rewards players with Energy, Money and Resources. With these rewards, players are able to deploy basic structures, units and perform game capabilities to expand their territory. Sequential missions will need to be accomplished in the game play.


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Resource icon energy

Energy is the essential factor for units to move around and attack on enemy units, as well as in collecting bonuses and supply drops. You earn a unit of energy for every 5 minutes irrespective whether you are on-line.

Moving unitsEdit

  • Moving all units consumes 1 energy, however there is small chance that you get that one energy back.

Energy PacksEdit


A Small Energy Pack                  A Medium Energy Pack                     A Large Energy Pack 

Energy Packs can be bought with Army Gold.


Money is used for everything, buying buildings and units, ordering recources from a drop zone, buying defenses and even buying expansions. You get money by destroying enemies and enemy buildings, selling supplies to towns and cities, and clearing debris.


There are many different types of resources in the game. Some of them are lumber, hard hats, artillery tubes, enemy intel, etc. They are used for different things, such as completing buildings or expanding territory. Some resources are only obtainable from defeating enemy units or by helping allies.

You can also turn in some of your resources for "Fire Calls" which is similiar to a mortar strike. When you do a fire call, you can choose which type of call you want to use. The more resources they cost, the more damage or range they have.

Collecting rewards from own buildingsEdit


Uses: 1 energy

Gives: 1 energy 15 money 30 resources

Cooldown Time: 5 minutes

Boot CampEdit

Uses: 1 energy

Gives: 30 money 30 resources

Occasionally Gives: 1 energy

Cooldown Time: 1 hour

Motor PoolEdit

Uses: 1 energy

Gives: 100 money 100 resources

Occasionally Gives: 1 energy

Cooldown Time: 2 hours


Uses: 1 energy

Gives: 200 money 70 resources 1 energy

Cooldown Time: 8 hours