Army attack Premium tank

Premium Tank

These guys are slow but deadly.The Behemoths maybe are strong but this units gets rid of your defenses FOREVER . Yes, they have a slow job of destroying your base, but once they are done your lands will be  just a picnic area! Such tactical plans have to be concocted to counter-attack these pests.

Literally be beware of these things....


Damage: 8

Health: 45

Range: 1

Minor description and how to counter itEdit

The Premium Tank is one of the toughest enemy units in the game with the base health of 45. It is almost as impossible because with a couple shots, your troops are down in seconds. The best way to destroy this unit is utilizing your best ranged units (let it be Ikarus, Buzzkill, and/or etc)  from a safe distance. Apart from that, it has the same ability like Crimson Bulldozer, which is removing your defenses when the Premium Tank destroys it.


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