"Overkill is underrated." Edit

One of the newer tank units brought into the game. It costs 109 Army Golds for players to buy it in the shop.

Stats Edit

Health : 18

Damage : 4

Range : 2


The pros of this unit are obviously the damage and the range applied on it. But what is unexpected for most first time buyers of this unit is that the Overkill unit can go across ledges or mountains. This is very useful when it's utilized in Versus Mode maps that has a rocky terrain.


The cons of the Overkill unit however is that it has a medium move radius, making it a burden when trying to move the unit to place far from it's stationed at.


Cost: 59 Army Golds

Materials: 5 Commando Knife, 5 Hard Hat, 5 Cement

Result of Upgrade:

Health: 20

Damage: 7

Range: 2


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