store profile showing that it requires the mission Last resort and 120 Intel and 300,000 Cash to unlock

The Northern Midland is located at the topmost position of the map. There, the players have to destroy the Doomsday Device created by Pravus before it's all too late. The battle there will be one of the most difficult battles, considering the mass deployments of Blood Hounds, Premium Tanks and other superior enemy units.

Operation: Not TodayEdit


There, players have to battle the enemy units before they can destroy the device. However, players are advisable to use their best units for assault as the superior enemy units can easily KOed basic units such as the infantries, APCs, and etc. For this battle, players have to strategicly placed the ranged units from afar as the Blood Hounds can shoot you from a long distance. It's also advisable for players to stock up on supplies because this battle's going to be a long and difficult one.

There are 14 MK II Autocannons positioned near the Doomsday Device and the Command Bunker but they are not devastating enough to players as the enemy defense can only do a damage of one to players' units. However, it has a stat of two range radius and 15 health points, so players is advisable to use ranged units to attack it.

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