Libery is a peaceful desert island located 3500 miles south of your homeland. It is now under the fist of the Crimson Alliance. Libery is an expansion map from the Army Attack universe.

The first enemy general that you find there is Commandant Tubman. He is generally as bad a tactician as he was when you first met him, but he does have advanced units and fortifications, including a lot of bunkers and snipers nests, which make it a hassle just to reclaim tiles of land.

When you unlock the midregions, Chief MCDuff & Commandant

First mission completed

First mssion completed

Tubman BOTH control the area. They are even more dug in and they are very aggressive when they attack. You will find a plethora of the Crimson Empire's advanced units here, their doomsday weapon (your main target in the area), and the oppressed towns of Sandberg and Wind Cove. After completing all objectives, Vile makes a conspicuous reference to a famous villain as he relieves Tubman of his duties ("You have failed me for the last time.").

After taking down the doomsday weapon and unlocking the last section of the map, your forces go toe to toe with a large defense force under Viceroy Vile himself. Vile's forces are very well prepared for you with a massive amount of barricades, sniper nests, guard towers, etc. He also has a large battle fortress that can tear through your lighter units. He also has the city of Dark Beach under his fist, and lastly has a very, very well defended strongpoint (similar to Colonel Stark's Command Bunker). After completing the final objectives, Vile and Pravus flee Libery, effectively ending their oppression of Libery.