Items are needed throughout the game to do many things such as naon:

  • doing actions
  • using fire calls 
  • finishing buildings
  • healing your troops
  • buying new land


Some of the items players can collect include:

Group 1Edit

  1. Ally Report
  2. Enemy intel

Group 2Edit

  1. Artillery Tubes
  2. Black Box
  3. Cement
  4. Commando Knife
  5. Hard Hat
  6. Lumber
  7. Pilot Helmet
  8. Rebars
  9. Steel Plates
  10. Test tube
  11. Wiring

Group 3Edit

  1. Bronze Cross
  2. Silver Cross
  3. Medal of Valor


  1. Damage booster +1
  2. Damage booster +2
  3. Health booster +10
  4. Range booster +1
  5. Range booster +2


Name How to get Utility
Energy Regerates over time, gifted, or from collections. Do actions
Money Killing enemys, buildings, or from collections. Buying things in the store
Facebook credits Buying from facebook Buy premium goods
Experience From almost everything. Leveling up
Water From a water plant or gifted. Do actions in the desert map.
Troops Buying in the store with money. Fighting enemy troops
Supplies Drop Zones, Fuel Dumps, buildings and supply trucks, gifted or from collections Selling them to towns and heal troops
Defenses Buying in the store with money Attacks enemys that move into range
Buildings Buying in the store with money Unlock troops, and gives energy, supplies and money over time.
Enemy intel From troops, propoganda towers and gifted. Used to buy maps


These are packs (gifted or daily reward):

Name Contains
Small energy pack 5 energy
Small water pack 5 water
Small supply pack 350 supplies


These are for completing buildings:

Name Where they are most dropped
Artillery tubes Artillery units
Black box Rocket batteries
Cement Fuel Dumps, Barricades and Bunkers
Commando knife Stormtroopers
Hard hat Fuel dumps, barricades and bunkers
Lumber Fuel dumps, barricades and bunkers
Pilot helmet Apc's, rocket batteries, tanks, and stormtroopers
Rebars Infantry, scouts and stormtroopers
Steel plates Battle tanks
Wiring Apc's


Name Collection
Bronze Cross Infantry collection and APC collection
Silver Cross Artillery collection and battle tank collection
Medal of Valor Stormtrooper collection and Rocket battery collection