Infiltrator Droid








Robot, infantry

The infiltrator droid is a mechanized unit used by the Crimson Alliance. The droid can easily be destroyed by normal units, although they may fire back. The huge turret in the northlands (the area north of Metropol C.D) creates these units every three moves. The only way to destroy the factory is to by the map to the east, which may take up some time. if you feel that it is a hassle to deal with them, block their spawn point with a unit of your choice.


  • The droids come in pairs.
  • Dr. Pravus's comments that "you can destroy all you want; we have plenty more" hints that these units are manufactured cheaply and quickly.
  • The above bullet is also hinted as they are manufactured after every three turns.
  • These enemies can be "farmed" for cash or other resources (such as steel plates), and since they are spawned constantly, you can just park a tank by either spawn point, and mow 'em down as they come out.

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