Icon units infantry
Basic combat unit
Type Infantry
Cost $1,500
Selling price $150
Health 5
Attack 1
Range 1
Move radius 4[1]
SpH 40[1]
SpMH 200[1]

The Infantry is the most common and the basic unit in the Army Attack game. They are the back-bone of any good military structure and are very useful at times. It is the least expensive unit. All players start with two Infantry units and an APC.



Unit infantry 07

An Infantry squad contains six members, each of them dressed in blue uniforms similar appearance to U.S. soldiers of the present day. Further details of their uniform include a combat helmet, tactical goggles, elbow and knee pads, military gloves and an assault vest and combat boots.


All infantrymen are equipped with M16 rifles.



An Infantry unit going on the offense

Now that paratroopers can drop in if an enemy landing zone isn't destroyed, some Infantry units are capable of fully eliminating the threat, should the Infantry be stationed around the back. This can help in defending one's supply drop zones or cities, while more powerful units, such as the Battle Tank or Commando, can keep fighting the main front without having to move back.

Defensive UseEdit

Early in the game, the Infantry is somewhat effective at taking out basic enemy units. For instance, if a defensive structure wounds a unit, the Infantry can move in and finish the attacker off, or inflict major damage to the enemy unit.

As the game continues, significant use of the Infantry becomes more and more less as the player encounters more powerful units like the Crimson Bulldozer, outmatching the Infantry.

Offensive UseEdit

During offensive thrusts they can be used to flank around and help other units by having multiple troops close in on one target or go around and conquer territory. It is very efficient at clearing basic defenses like minefields.

VS modeEdit

The Infantry isn't recommended for use in versus mode. Some players attempt to conserve supplies by sending only Infantry units (which requires only 20 supplies each) to fight in versus mode, which proves uneffective due to the fact that the opponent having more powerful units. If the player is low on supplies, it is more profitable to use the Special Forces instead, as it requires the same amount of supplies yet it is more powerful.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit


At the beginning of the game, Infantry units are a great option for clearing enemy minefields, fuel dumps and enemy Scouts (although the APC may at times be a better choice).


The low health and attack are the disadvantages of this unit. While attacking stronger enemy units like Blood hounds . It will probably be easily defeated.


  • The Infantry is the cheapest, most common and most standard unit in the game.
  • Only three infantrymen are shown in the shop's icon and in its defeated state, despite the fact that there are 6 infantrymen in an actual squad while in its alive state.


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