Icon objective destroy infantry
Enemy Infantry
Type Infantry
Health 2
Attack 1
Range 1
Spoils of war Unknown

The Enemy Infantry is a six-soldier group unit, it has 2 hit points and 1 damage. It can be destroyed easily with any unit.

Enemy infantryEdit

Enemy infantry are a very common sight for most of the game, especially during the beginning. Their equipment is similar to that of the WW2 German soldiers.


They have little health and can be easily dealt with. Later in the game, they become less common and are replaced with Stormtroopers, which are much more dangerous and hard to kill if not dealt with seriously.

Comparaisons with the real lifeEdit

  • The infantry appears to have the German WW2 military equipment; their guns resemble StG 44s and their helmets look like the stahlhelm.


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