The Homeland is your home . Its very peaceful but the Crimson Empire want to change that forever

History Edit

Originally, the homeland was a peaceful place, ruled by a kind President and several governors with an army that never fought any battles. Unfortunately, one day, the Crimson Empire attacked without provocation, taking over the entire island. The situation seemed hopeless.

However, not all hope was lost. An army of blue-garbed soldiers, led by General Bragg and the President, rallied the armies with the help of the Commander and began to fight back against the Crimson Empire and their tyrannical leaders.

Areas Edit

There are a variety of areas that players can fight on and build to. The initial area's name is not known.

South Edit

The initial area contains the city of Southgate.

To the east of the initial area is the east coast map. It contains the city of Eastport.

To the west of the initial area is the west coast map. It contains the city of Westbay.

Middle Edit

The map directly north of the initial area may contain Metropol C.D or that might be part of the next north map.

The map north-east of the initial area contains the city of Eastshire.

The map north-west of the initial area contains the city of Westford.

North Edit

The map in the middle has the giant war machine in it.

The map which is the most north-east has a mountain range.

The ??? map which is most north-west has Wesserness in it.

Off limits Edit

The three maps north of this are currently off-limits and can not yet be purchased, even by people who have completed the Libery island missions.

It is not yet known if completing the Nordurland island missions will unlock them or not.

The maps, while not purchase-able, are visible by name with a 'coming soon' label:

Glacier, Midland and Bergheim may become available for purchase at some time in the future.