"This highly trained heavy gunner will mow down the enemy frontlines in minutes." Edit

The Heavy Gunner unit is one of the new units available in the shop. Costing 72000 cash, it's the second most expensive unit to be brought in cash after the Stalker unit. The weakness of this unit is that he has a short travel distance and weaker than the Commando unit..

Stats Edit

Health : 10

Damage : 2

Range : 1

Upgrade Edit

Costs: 29 Army Golds


- Test Tubes x5

- Hard Hat x5

- Steel Plates x5

Results of upgradeEdit

Health: 13

Damage: 3

Range: 1


- When examined, the Heavy Gunner resembles the Elite Eliminator unit, albeit dumbdowned to weaker stats and a different appearance.

- The Heavy Gunner was modeled after the one from War Commander.

Gallery Edit

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