Gifts are items that can be given to our allies and vice-versa. Currently, there's only eight items available to be given to the players' friends, such as the Mystery Crate, small energy pack and etc. There's a counter of gifts sent, when completed each of the tier shown, will give players a reward for achieving it. The total counter of each tier adds up to around 1000 gifts. Depends on the amount of the players' allies, it can be a long process to complete the counter. When the counter is completed, it's simply reset it back to the first tier, thus making it a never-ending cycle of players sending gifts to their allies.

Rewards Edit

First tier: Small energy pack

Requirement: 200 gifts sent.

Second tier: 20 Enemy intels

Requirement: 250 gifts sent.

Third tier: 500 Supply.

Requirement: 250 gifts sent.

Fourth tier: 10 Army Golds

Requirement: 300 gifts sent.

Gallery Edit

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