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The main objective of the game is to expand your territory. However, you need a large amount of energy, resources, and money to do so. Plus you need to fight against a powerful enemy (which will attack you with red colored units) whom already has a large and strong military with a large unit capacity. Hence why, defending your conquered land becomes your next objective.

You need energy to move your units, collect your bonuses (rewards) and attack invading units. Resources can be used to cure injured units and trade for money. You need money to purchase units, building, defence, storage etc.

Visiting Your AlliesEdit

  • Always visit your allies and neighbors to learn some of the strategies or ideas of the game.
  • You may earn rewards and items or accomplish some of the missions by visiting them.


  • Group attacking is an effective strategy and it will use less energy. However, it's a trade off since you have to move several units into action.
  • You need to attack units to accomplish missions such as rescuing your port or town that has been captured by enemy troops.
  • Dont expand immediately at the beginning of the game, as you'll encounter more advanced units such as the battle tank and rocket batteries.
    • Try to postition any battle tanks in the first expansion you make.
  • If the enemy units regroup close together, bring in an artillery unit and put it behind any available tanks or infantry. Shoot one of the enemy units. The unit fired upon will come towards your artillery. When it does, attack the weakened enemy unit with your tanks or infantry to destroy them. Repeat this strategy until the clump of enemy units are vanquished. Always let your enemies come to you rather than attack them. It's better to play an aggressive defense than to attack headlong without proper knowledge of what's ahead.
  • One way to defend your borders is to make use of the Mortar Pit . Mortar Pits are expensive, so when you build one, build it 2 tiles away from the fog of war and surround its front borders with watchtowers. This ensures that the enemy, unless they're the powerful Stormtroopers which can move several tiles into your territory, cannot get at your Mortar Pit. Don't worry about your Watchtower wall- your enemy can't roll over a watchtower even if it's destroyed, and it won't disappear even though it has zero health. If you leave a few tiles between each Mortar Pit you could place Artillery units in those empty spaces. The Artillery can be used as added firepower against the invading enemy units.
  • Another advantage of the Mortar Pit is that it will strike the enemy units whenever they move within range. Use this to your advantage by striking heavily armored enemy units with your artillery while they try to get past your Watchtower Wall or similar defense. When they move, they'll be attacked by your Mortar Pits. These can easily take out heavy units such as Battle Tanks and APCs . Leave what infantry and APCs you have for attacks and for dealing with Stormtroopers - you do not want to waste your supplies on repairing your APCs after an attack, and you don't need to repair your watchtowers- just make sure there are a few standing ones to deal with any enemy Artillery pieces .

About the EnemyEdit

  • In the beginning, new enemies come from the north, so build defences and keep a small force of units at the northern edge of your conquered territory.
  • When the enemy is not in attacking range of any friendly units, you can see the time when the enemy unit will move next. If you move your units within attacking range of the enemy, the enemy units won't shoot your units.
  • When there is an exclamation mark with a round red background above an enemy unit, the unit is in alert state. When you bring any of your units within attacking range of the enemy unit, it will attack first, your turn will come after that.
  • Enemy units always attack one by one, if you don't kill that enemy another enemy will always aid it (if there is one).
  • ArmyAttack Ready to move

    This means the enemy unit is ready to move. It also will attack first if provoked.

    Your enemy is a computer, so be smart and use caution when attack enemies if they have a "ready to move" status.
  • When your enemies are ready to move, and attack one of your defenses, they'll attack first and wound your defense before your defense fires back.