Flame Force
Icon units FIRE FORCE
Special Flame operators
Type Infantry
Cost Unknown1
Selling price Unknown
Health 5
Attack 2
Range 1
Move radius 4
SpH Unknown
SpMH Unknown
Special Elite (Can't be fully destroyed)
1$12 when combined with other exclusive items in the booster pack

The Flame Force is an elite unit. Currently, it can only be obtained in the booster pack of 2013 for $12 or £12. They have the same capabilities as the Special Forces, except from its appearance and weapon.



Flame force

Instead of four members, each unit contains only three men dressed similarly to Special Forces but with visored helmets. Like other elite units, they have the signature color combination of blue and gold trimmings.


The weapon bears a resemblance to the M16 rifles but with a much larger muzzle, a fuel hose and a fuel tank to make it look like a flamethrower.

When attacking, despite having the flame effect, the animation shows the enemy as if being hit by standard rounds, for example bullets or APC rounds.


Defensive UseEdit

Offensive UseEdit

VS modeEdit

In versus mode, instead of costing 20 supplies like the Special Forces or the Infantry, it costs 110 supplies, which can be considered a "rip-off" compared to the Special Forces.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit





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