Elite Tank

The Elite Tank.This can only be bought with Facebook Coins which are real money.

The Elite Tank is a stronger version of the Battle Tank,with more health and a move radius of 5 while the rest remains the same.

Its special ability is Elite,which means it cannot be removed when destroyed. And this is also a remake of the Crimson Empires Premium tank !!

Defensive UsesEdit

Unlike the Battle Tank,the Elite Tank is useful in defense if in groups as they can sustain damage longer due to the increased health.

Offensive UsesEdit

The Elite Tank can do a lot of damage to enemy buildings and bunker.With increased health,they can last longer fighting one-on-one with an Enemy Battle Tank alone.They are also useful in defeating the pesky Bunkers or Guard Stations.


  • Cost: 89 Army Gold
  • Sell Price: $ 2000
  • Health: 20
  • Attack: 3
  • Range: 1
  • Move Radius: 5 (one more than battle tank)
  • Type: Vehicle
  • SpH:75
  • SpMH:1500


Cost: 26 Army Golds

Requires: 5 Commando Knife, 5 Lumber, 5 Steel Plates

Result of upgrade:

Health: 25

Damage: 4

Range: 1



  • The Elite Tank shoots 3 times when attacking a City and shoots 2 times when attacking an enemy unit.This goes the same for the Battle Tank.
  • You are given an elite tank when you begin the liberation of Libery.
  • In the start of the liberation of Colossal Island, you are given two of this unit.
  • You can receive this unit as a reward in "Free Units" tab when you invite a few friends to play