Elite Rocket Battery

An Elite Rocket Battery.Gold is required to buy this unit.

The Elite Rocket Battery is an improved version of the Rocket Battery, with increased Range and Damage,though its move radius is reduced.

Defensive UseEdit

The Elite Rocket Battery is a good defensive unit as no enemy unit has an Attack Range of 3. This is the advantage of the Elite Rocket Battery.It can attack enemy units without being shot back.When in groups,they can destroy heavier enemy units such as the Enemy Battle Tank. The tactic of a group defence set up by Elite Rocket Batteries is that an incredible long range curtain is set up which, if used effectively and you are provided with enough of this unit, then can be able to take down nearly anything in one to two hits.

This tactic is predominant on the versus mode, where four of these Elite Rocket Batteries can destroy any unit in the game within one game turn while remaining relatively safe.

Offensive UseEdit

The Elite Rocket Battery can be used to support allied units due to it's Range and it can also deal enemy defenses much better than other allied units.It is best to have your Battle Tanks infront and the Rocket Batteries behind as the front can fend off any enemy unit that gets too close while your Rocket Batteries can destroy enemy defenses.Either way, it can be used alone to destroy enemy units or enemy buildings.

Draw BacksEdit

It's move radius uses Energy unecessarily,so try to place them closer to the enemy or have a lot of energy packs on standby incase energy runs out.


  • Cost: 129 Gold
  • Sell Price:$3000
  • Health: 8
  • Attack: 3
  • Range: 3
  • Move Radius: 2
  • Type: Artillery
  • SpH:225
  • SpMH:1800
  • just one


Cost: 39 Army Golds

Materials: 5 Commando Knife, 5 Artillery Tubes, 5 Pilot Helmet

Result of upgrade:

Health: 10

Damage: 4

Range: 4



  • Its range is only surpassed by the Elite Sniper.
  • Sniper Nests and Elite Sniper Nests (enemies) are the only defensive buildings that can attack the elite battery.
  • The battery can one-hit kill the Sniper Nests but not the Elite Sniper Nests.