Elite Juggernaut

The Elite Juggernaut is a very strong tank that can take down one Blood Hound if you attack first. Its attack and health stats are same as the Blood Hound, but the range is less, equivalent to an Artillery (2). These guys are a total must have for your army, not just for their power but also for sniping enemies which makes it really handy.

Stats Edit

Health: 25

Damage: 5

Range: 2

Move Radius: 3

Special: Cannot be fully destroyed

Costs: 399 Army Gold

Type: Vehicle


The tank appears to resemble the Mark VII used by the Nazis in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

See an image of it on the site below V

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The Elite Juggernaut has amazing capabilities on offense and defense. Because of its range, many just use it like an artillery, not as a tank, which is great when considering the amount of supplies saved. The Elite Juggernaut can also be used to soak up damage, but be warned, the cost to heal is significant.


As mentioned in the strategy section, the Elite Juggernaut can be easily used as an artillery unit. Use it with your APCs or Commandos to rush towards enemies and quickly destroy them. For example, a standard enemy battle tank (10 HP) can be easily destroyed with two shots from an Elite Juggernaut.


There are hardly any disadvantages with the Elite Juggernaut. However the relative fact that it costs such a large amount would be one. It is less mobile than most units in the game, however it possesses two range which makes up for its lack of mobility.