The Elite Eliminator is a great unit for both offense and defense and is seemingly unstoppable; however, his short movement radius is his only weakness. The Elite Eliminator resembles a human Behemoth, he has 30 health points and can deal 10 damage per hit.

Statistics Edit

Health: 30

Damage: 10

Special: Elite (He can't be fully destroyed.)

Range: 1 Tile

Movement: 2 Tiles 

Cost: 499 Army Gold

Selling Price: $50

Type: Infantry



  • The Eliminator uses a double Gatlings
  • His arsenal also includes two Soviet RPG-7's (the same weapon the normal Commandos use), and a model pineapple grenade that he plays with when he appears bored.
  • He smokes a cigar, wears a cowboy hat, and has a heart tattoo.
  • He can kill a Battle Tank (Enemy) in one hit.
  • He bears a resemblance to Dutch from Predator.