Doomsday Device

The Doomsday Device is made by the Crimson Empire. It's a structure made by the Empire with an aim of defeating the players' nation and take over the whole area as its whole. It is an engineering destruction marvel of Dr Patrus Pravus, a physicist that went missing five years ago, for the Crimson Empire's arsenal.

Defeating A Doomsday Device

 Defeating the said device takes a lot of time and pressure, as well as resources, as evidenced in the gallery section. Alot of strong enemy defenses such as the Behemoths, the Blood Hounds, the Premium Tanks, and etc, are positioned around the base to deter the players' attack on it. Such as that, players are advisabled to position their best units for front-up assault while putting their ranged units from a suitable range to snipe the Blood Hounds from afar.


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