This is the mission in which you first encounter Dr. Patrus Pravus.

A Short History Note!Edit

"Crossing the Rubicon" is a phrase to describe the fact that, now that you've done something, you can't go back and you'll have to follow through. The idiom comes from Italian history in which the famous dictator Julius Ceasar crossed an ancient river with one Roman Legion. By doing this, Julius Ceasar was forfeiting his power because Italy was not unified yet so by leaving his designated territory into another General's territory Ceasar technically no longer had any authority; however, Ceasar was planning on taking over Rome so the fact that he was breaking ancient law meant nothing to him since he was choosing to seize control of the Roman government in Rome through a coup d'etat. Had Julius Ceasar decided to call off his Coup d'Etat after crossing the Rubicon river, his punishment for leading military forces into another territory would have been dire so by "crossing the Rubicon" into the adjacent territory he was at "the point of no return", Ceasar now had to go through with his plan or else face capital punishment. This all happened in 49 BCE. After entering Rome, Ceasar seized the remainder of the Roman government (most had fled after hearing news of Ceasar's approach), won "Ceasar's Civil War", and was now the sole, autocratic leader of Italy. Now Ceasar would have to unify all of Rome for his power to have any meaning. 

Now you know!

-Crimson Empire, the self-proclaimed Editor of the Army Attack Wiki

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