Battles raged throughout "The Homeland" as neither side gained any significant victories.

The Crimson Empire is the main antagonist in the game Army Attack. The Crimson Empire seems to be a predominately autocratic government with the merciless Viceroy Vile acting as chief leader. 

Players first come to learn about the Crimson Empire as they're thrown into the game in the midst of a brutal conflict between crimson-colored units that are part of the Crimson Army and blue-colored units which belong to the Homeland Island's defensive military. The war begins on an island that is reffered to as "The Homeland".


How the Crimson Empire came to be is entirely unknown. Because of the small size of "The Homeland", it would be reasonable to expect that they started as a splinter cell resistance group that was opposed to the democratic Homeland; however, because of their large mechanized milit

ary it is exceptionally unlikely they would've been able to mobilize and build up their vast army without the Homeland's military or elected officials ever knowing which suggests that the Crimson Empire attacked from their own island where they were able to prepare for a large scale conflict without the threat of the Homeland forestalling their impending invasion.

The Homeland was described as a peaceful civilization with a military that never fought in any conflicts. Their military was most likely not very advanced in military capability so when the Crimson Empire invaded with their technologically advanced Army, the Homeland quickly found themselves overwhelmed in a losing fight. 
Unit infantry 17

The Crimson Empire fought against "The Homeland". The Homeland employs guerrilla style tactics.

The Crimson Empire ruled several islands with an iron fist. The fact that "The Homeland" didn't have time to help the other conquered islands implies that the Crimson Empire launched a massive campaign covering several islands with precise coordination, landing on each island at the same time.

Resisting the Empire's invasion was becoming increasingly difficult since, as each island nation fell, the Crimson Empire was able to put more soldiers in areas with resistance movements. 

Very quickly all islands fell to the autocratic Empire's control except "The Homeland" which became the only standing military resisting the Crimson Empire's invasion. The Homeland's downfall seemed inevitable until the player of the game steps in and turns the tide of the war. Very quickly the Crimson Empire was forced to overstretch itself in order to prevent "The Homeland" from retaking their island. As "The Homeland" militarily evolved, they forced the Crimson Empire into a multi-front war stretching over every island that had once been under the control of the ruthless Empire. 

Note: This is an ongoing story and could change at any time based on game updates or different players advancing further into the game and finding out new information. Expect this article to change frequently.

Notable FollowersEdit

The Crimson Empire appears to have a totalitarian government with one person being the autocratic ruler. The following list will explain the roles of some notable people in the Crimson Empire.


One of the leaders under the command of Viceroy Vile.

Viceroy Vile: Viceroy Vile is the supreme ruler of the Crimson Empire who viciously rules his newly conquered land.

Chief McDuff: Chief McDuff is the very agressive leader of the Western area of "The Homeland". He was thought upon favorably by Viceroy Vile for his agressiveness but, due to his impulsivity, was a poor tactician.

Commandant Tubman: Commandant Tubman is a cousin of Viceroy Vile and the leader of Southgate in "The Homeland". He is fairly defensive and does not have very advanced military units at his disposal. Commandant Tubman was an all around poor leader and most likely gained his position through family influence ratherthan experience.

Dr. Patrus Pravus: Dr. Pravus is the main scientist and technology expert for the Crimson Empire. It's said by Black Fox that he was a physicist that went missing five years ago.

Governor James Fierce: Governor Fierce is a minor member of the Crimson Empire. He originally served with the President of "The Homeland" but defected and joined the Crimson Empire.

The Crimson ArmyEdit

The Crimson Army is the main military branch of the Crimson Empire and is heavily mechanized. Although they do have infantry units, they rely on mechanical units such as Battle Tanks and APCs more often. The Crimson Empire is a force to be reckoned with due to their immense size and impressive coordination. In addition, their elite units such as Stormtroopers, wreak havoc on "The Homeland's" front lines, but they're only human.

Commonly seen units from the Crimson Empire are usually APCs , Battle Tanks, Rocket Batteries, Artillery , Stormtroopers , Scouts and Infantry.

The way the Crimson Army operates is through the following strategy. First, Battle Tanks and Rocket Batteries will usually destroy any defensive buildings and structures. Then Infantry and Scouts are sent in to overwhelm and draw out enemy units. Stormtroopers will usually then surpass the Infantry as they fight their way through, and wound enemy units coming to stop the Infantry and Scouts from amassing. Once the Infan
Za Wiki

An infamous Rocket Battery employed by the Crimson Army.

Icon objective destroy apc

A commonly seen APC belonging to the Crimson Empire.

try, Scouts, and Stormtroopers have secured a foothold, Battle Tanks and APCs will storm in and go ahead of the Infantry units,destroying any additional defensive buildings and enemy opposition. The Stormtroopers will usually break off at this point and begin targeting resource buildings. The infantry units will wait back as the tanks and APCs continue forward. At this point Crimson Empire Artillery and Rocket Batteries will move in behind the Tanks and support them against incoming units. The Crimson Empire's strategy is a good one and is fairly difficult to entirely destroy in a head-on fight. However, because of their flawless procedure and perfect coordination they're very succeptible to guerilla style warfare in which enemy units ambush them, take out weaker units such as the Infantry and Scouts, and damage the heavier units.

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