The Commando is a lethal and resourceful unit for your military. While your other units are aggressively attacking enemy units, the Commando covertly sneaks into enemy lines to cause as much damage as possible. Its special ability is Stealth. 


Offensive UseEdit

The Commando is a great offensive unit because it can cause large amounts of damage to enemy forces before they even get to the front lines. It's the best possible unit you can have because no matter what situation you're in, the Commando can sneak into enemy lines and if you have several they can stop an attacking force from getting to your defensive position.

Defensive UseEdit

The Commando is an aggressive, covert unit that wouldn't really have much of a use for defence, but if you needed to, the Commando could serve just as well as any other unit in defence.


Cost: $22,000

Health: 10

Damage: 3

Range: 1


To unlock the Commando unit you must create the Commando School.

Move Radius: 5

Special: Stealth (Can move behind enemy lines)

Type: Infantry (Special Forces)


Cost: 39 army gold

Materials: 5 lumber, 5 artillery tubes, 5 wiring

Health: 15

Damage: 4

Range: 1


  • When the Commando's hit points go down to zero, there are little fires around him while he's laying down, and waves a white flag.
  • The Commando's voice resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger's.
  • In Nordurland, two of Black Fox's Commandos rescued from the Southeastern Maximum Security Prisons give us intel about where Black Fox is captured, and that they spotted more prison buildings up north (according to Lieutenant O'Neill).
  • They use Soviet RPG-7's and an unknown model of grenade.
  • He resembles John Rambo wielding an RPG-7.

Quotes Edit


Upon Selection:

"You're going to make me sit around here, not killing all day long!"

"I won't need a gun for this!"

"One kind of whoop ass, coming up!"

"Fucking move!"

"Let's get baked!"


"Guys, hold the fort, keep the fires burning if I'm not back by soon."

"It is so lonely in here."