A Collection is a set of 5 items dropped from a specific enemy unit type (though new units sometimes also drop these items) which can be traded in for certain rewards, with 1 of each traded in for the given reward.

There are eight Collections in the game, which are in order:

  1. Scout Collection
  2. Infantry Collection
  3. APC Collection
  4. Artillery Collection
  5. Battle Tank Collection
  6. Stormtrooper Collection
  7. Rocket Battery Collection
  8. Versus mode collection


Besides defeating enemies or being sent gifts, individual items in the collections can also be purchased for Army Gold (as opposed to Cash):

  1. The Scout and Versus items cost 1 Army Gold each.
  2. The Infantry and APC items cost 2 Army Gold each.
  3. The Artillery and Stormtrooper items cost 3 Army Gold each.
  4. The Battle Tank and Rocket Battery items cost 4 Army Gold each.

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