The cities which players can capture are scattered over three islands. They can be used to run missions where supplies are converted into cash.

They are organized beginning at the bottom (south) and moving up (north). Moving left to right (west to east) when they are at the same level.


Where the Crimson Tide operation missions take place.
  1. Westbay
  2. Eastport
  3. Southgate
  4. Westford
  5. Eastshire
  6. Metropol C.D
  7. Wesserness


Where the Desert Scorpion operation missions take place.
  1. Port Marie
  2. Sandberg
  3. Wind Cove
  4. Dark Beach


Where the Polar Bear operation missions take place.
  1. Gokstad
  2. Cog
  3. Oseberg
  4. Karve

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