Chief McDuff was an aggresive leader in the western area

The stupid and the most aggresive leader in Crimson army

.He looks very muscular compared to the other enemy leaders.He and General W. Bragg are old enemies, he put everybody in the western area into forced labor, and his defense is the highest, 2nd to viceroy vile, he somewhat resembles a Commando exept that his outfit is red. He is fairly aggresive but quite impulsive. He also seems to be impressed by the player's strength, even going so far as to ask if the player is a wizard!


How to beat himEdit

Chief McDuff acts first and thinks second so use a lot of infantry and (if possible, battle tanks) to outflank his military units. If you approach a bunker, destroy it wi

an enemy commando (or known as an stormtrooper)

th artillary; however, it's better to conserve energy and flank the bunkers with APCs and have Artillery support them. At Westford (picture shown to the right) don't use Infantry. Build up the middle and eastern defense while your units try to attack the enemy units through flanking. There are mostly tower shacks, so destroy them with APCs.


  • He somewhat looks like a commando in red (without a beret).
  • He resembles the German Mechanic from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • He seems to be (at least partially) suffering from insanity.
  • He either deems his men disposable, or he has total disregard for tactics, and relies on wave attacks.
  • Unfortunately for him, these tactics were deemed obsolete circa 1914-1918 (WW1).
  • He loves Crimson Bulldozers.
  • He shares the same surname with Kenneth McDuff, an American serial killer.