The Blue-Crimson War, is the setting of Army Attack. The war rages between two forces, the Crimson Empire and Homeland Armed Forces.

Beginning Edit

The war began when a force known as the Crimson Empire attacked the Homeland and several other locations. Taking almost all of the land, Homeland forces were wiped out. When all seemed lost, top ranking officers regrouped and formed a superpower to fight back against the invading force.

This is what turned the invasion into an all out war.

Homeland Edit

The Homeland was once a peaceful land, until the Empire invaded. Before it was annihilated, it formed a group of soldiers who quickly grew into an army. Much of what was lost to the Crimsons is now back under Homeland forces. It is now a powerful force, controlling forces over 3 islands: The Homeland. Libery. And Nordurland. It's arch-enemy is the Crimson Empire, who tried to seize it's lands.

Leaders Edit

Head: Mrs. President

Military Leaders: General Bragg, Lieutenant O'Neill, The Commander, Colonel Stark

Political Head: Unknown (Madame President most likely deals with political issues.)

Other Leaders: Black Fox

The Crimson Empire Edit

The Empire is known as a blight on the world. It has destroyed many nations, only failing to exterminate one, the Homeland. It is the main cause of the war and is currently being wiped out across multiple sectors such as Nordurland and Libery. It's main competition is the Homeland Army, or Resistance, as they call it. It is a superpower, which dominates many lands.

It controls by far the largest military, consisting of both infantry and mechanical forces. It uses it's army with brute force, conquering all who deny it's power.

It's main goal is to control the world, making it's head, Viceroy Vile, the "Emperor" of the world.

Leaders Edit

Head: Viceroy Vile

Military Leaders: Chief McDuff, Colonel Stark, Commandant Tubman

Political Head: Viceroy Vile

Technology Expert: Dr. Patrus Pravus

Other Leaders: Governor James Fierce

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