Black Fox is a secret infantry unit that appears in the game. She is a female commando who wields two pistols. She can be found in the prison in the northern-central province in Nordurland. She can now also be freed in the last map of The Homeland.
Icon units black fox

Black FoxEdit

Health: 12

Damage: 5

Range: 1 Tile

Movement: 5 Tiles

Type: Infantry (Special Forces)


"Ready for action"
"Revivez les resistance"
"Ready to rock and roll"
"What was that?"

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  • Her game appearance is loosely based on Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series and Tanya Adams from Command & Conquer Red Alert series.
  • On the rarest chance, the Black Fox can be earned through the "Try Your Luck" minigame.