Every players' worst nightmare, apart from the Blood Hound.









The Behemoth enemy unit represents the worse nightmare for every players. They are the sheer mayhem and destruction on the players' base. If the players haven't paid attention to their battlefield, this pesky unit will be a very constant annoyance. Should the players haven't destroyed these units sooner, it will be a major problem to them in the near future. For new and/or unexperienced players, this will be the hardest challenge for them should they encounter it. Only great tactics can kill these nightmares such as : the Surround tactic , the Ranged Attack tactic , or the Helper tactic. Other tactics will go down in flames

Keep an eye on this thing.........


Health : 30

Damage : 7

Range : 3

Minor description and How to counter it.Edit

Basically, it's an enemy tank upped with massive steroids with an aim of dishing out high damages to the players' bases. For new/low/unexperienced players, the sight of this unit spells utter doom on their bases, and can lead to new players to completely abandoned the game because of their weaker units at disposal compared with the enemy.

Counter-attacking it takes several ways, in which players can utilize or improve it. First of all, stronger players' units such as the Ion Cannon, the Dozzer, and etc, can easily demolish these pesky units without much efforts. The other way is that the best ranged units are at disposal (either it can be upgraded Elite Rocket Batteries, Elite Snipers with the Extreme Damage Boosts, or a simple Neutron Gun with Extreme Range Boost applied). The third way is that players can request their allies to rain down airstrikes to weaken the Behemoth first, and finish it off with the current units on base. Alternatively, players can call down their own airstrikes, up to a carpet bomb, on the Behemoths to loosen their (the Behemoths) grip on the battlefield. For guerilla tactical-styled players, they can deploy the run and gun tactics to weaken the pests first, and destroy it later.

For new players however, there are several difficulties in accomplishing this counter-attack, as they're new (obviously), and that they are just starting to warm up to the gameplay. For the fortunates, they can buy as much Elite Units as they can to improve their gameplay. For the less-fortunates is a different story overall. These new players can use the run and gun tactics, rain down upon them (the Behemoths) with airstrikes, or request some airstrike assistances from their allies, but on a more complicated matter. One should be wary if the supplies they have at disposal can sufficiently last on the battlefield. One should always check if the units at disposal can handle the counter-attack and not let it to waste.


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