Allied (Blue) Artillery.

Artillery is your first long range weapon to use when being attacked or attacking the enemy units. It's range is impressive and can take out large units like APCs because it can fire at them while staying out of their range. This unit will be very useful during the beginning of your campaigns.

Defensive UseEdit

Artillery is an excellent defensive unit becuase it can take out all units from a long range without recieving damage, except for the enemies Artillery becuase you would have to move into the enemy Artillerys range to destroy it, meaning it too, can destroy you. The best use of Artillery is when in a defensive position you should keep moving back one space when a Battle Tank or APC is trying to blow your Artillery up, this way they can never wound/destroy you, and you can keep damaging them.

Offensive UseEdit

Artillery, though better at defense, is still quite effective at attacking. When you're attacking the enemy in their turf they almost always will have bunkers to hold you off. If you don't want units like the APC or Battle Tanks to be wounded, call in the Artillery and get as close to the Bunker as you can without moving into its range. Next you should begin pounding the Bunker until it's destroyed. This may waste energy and take up time, but it will clear the way for your other units to continue their liberation efforts.


Artillery works best when firing from a safe position, attacking troops from a distance. They can really deliver punishment from afar, but they can't take many hits, so use them wisely.

Some also choose to use them to take out enemy bunkers, due to the fact that enemy bunkers only have 10 hp and 1 range. This works if you dont want to damage any of your units but is very costly on energy.


  • Health: 4
  • Damage: 1
  • Special: None
  • Range: 2
  • Type: Long Range Battery
  • Cost: $10,000


  • cost: 18 army gold
  • materials: 5 hard hat, 5 lumber, 5 rebars
  • health: 6
  • damage: 2
  • range: 3


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