Army Gold
Army Gold is a special item that can be obtained with buying with real money or leveling up. Army Gold can be used to buy items, special units, instant unlock to units, pass a mission, packs from the shop, instant unlock to buildings, hire workers, instant delivery of supplies, Nordurland island, revive sabotaged supplies, and other.

it can be bought with:

Visa,EC,Paysafecard,giropay,click and buy,daopay,ukash and with your handy 

costs in $ and € ! (dont forget in €) AG=Army Gold

29 AG = $2.90 and 2,21€

103 AG = $9.90 and 7,54€

158 AG = $14.90 and 11,35€

480 AG = $43.90 and 33,45€

650 AG = $55.90 and 42,60€

1300 AG = $99.90 and 76,12€

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