The APC, or the Armored Personnel Carrier , is most likely one of the most common and effective armored vehicle you can have in your military. The APC can take damage and is a great way to quickly wipe out enemy Artillery, Scouts, or Infantry, and can even destroy an enemy Battle Tank if it's already wounded some. And the APC is also good for Recon Mission/Conquer Tiles.

Defensive UseEdit

After a tower or an enemy unit wounds a unit you can send in an APC to go finish the unit off. Since it can do 2 damage, most attacking forces will be destroyed before they can return fire. Also, the APC has 10 health which can help during an aggressive offensive, or for a strong defense. The biggest advantage of the APC is how far it can travel in just one move.             

Offensive UseEdit

The APC is usually used as the first wave in an assault on the enemy's domain. Becuase it can take quite a lot of hits, it's best to send it in along with Battle Tanks or have it backed up by more APCs to clear the way for your Artillery or Infantry to move in.


  • cost: 5000
  • health: 10
  • damage: 2
  • range: 1


  • cost: 9 army gold
  • materials: 5 cement, 5 lumber, 5 rebars
  • health: 15
  • damage: 3
  • range: 1